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Jeep Lease Deals Ft Lauderdale FL

Jeep Lease Deals Ft Lauderdale FL

Lease a New Jeep at Arrigo CDJR at Sawgrass

If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle to a new Jeep in the Fort Lauderdale area, then Arrigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram at Sawgrass is the place to be. Here is where you’ll find more than 400 of the latest releases from Jeep, like the Compass, Gladiator, Grand Cherokee L, Wrangler, and more! Additionally, we offer flexible lease terms to help you get your dream Jeep while staying within your budget. The team of skilled financing experts here at Arrigo CDJR at Sawgrass will happily help you get you into the Jeep vehicle of your choice with the lease agreement that works best for you, your driving needs, and your budget. Please read below to learn more about leasing a new Jeep here at Arrigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram at Sawgrass!


What is Leasing?

Many car shoppers pay for a new vehicle in one of two ways instead of paying for it upfront. With financing, you’re getting a new car by borrowing money from a financial institution and paying it back each month over the course of a predetermined number of years. However, when you lease a vehicle, instead of borrowing money, you’re borrowing the car from the dealership and paying it each month for a set amount of time and/or miles. Leasing a new vehicle instead of financing gives you access to many benefits. First, all of the leased Jeep’s routine maintenance is taken care of by a certified Jeep service center like the one here at Arrigo CDJR at Sawgrass. Plus, a leased Jeep comes with a new vehicle warranty which covers routine maintenance for up to 36 months. This is the perfect amount of time for a lease, as lease terms tend to last 24-48 months, which also means you get to upgrade to a new vehicle every two to four years when you lease. In most cases, a lease’s monthly payments are oftentimes lower than a traditional auto loan, and many don’t require a down payment. The reason for this is that, instead of paying for the vehicle’s total cost, you’re paying for its total value. Jeep’s leasing company, Chrysler Capital, offers unique leasing benefits!

Benefits of Leasing a new Jeep With Chrysler Capital


As was previously mentioned, customers who lease a Jeep with Chrysler Capital get unique benefits. First and foremost, Chrysler Capital offers lessees flexible lease terms. A great example of this is the flexibility of choosing between 10,000, 12,000, and 15,000 miles for your mileage limit. So, if you drive less than the average driver, you should opt for the 10,000-mile limit. But if you’d say you’re about average, 12,000 miles should be plenty. If you drive more than is average, the 15,000-mile limit is your best option. Additionally, the time span of your lease can be adjusted to meet your needs. For example, you can opt for a two-year lease and upgrade your vehicle every two years. Or, if you’re ready for something more long-term, a four-year lease will suit you well. Jeep is all about uniqueness, which is why many Jeep owners choose to give their Jeep some personality with available parts and accessories. Chrysler Capital has a full list of approved genuine Mopar parts and accessories. Be sure to ask the Arrigo CDJR sales team for that list. If you choose to lease a new Jeep again at the end of your lease agreement, Chrysler Capital will help set up a pre-inspection for your current lease and waive the disposition fee. Lastly, Chrysler Capital offers various incentives for repeat Jeep lessees, so be sure to ask the sales team here at Arrigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram at Sawgrass about them!


Jeep Lease-End Options


When you near the end of your lease agreement, you have a few options to choose from. Most commonly, Jeep lease customers opt to get into another lease of either the latest version of the same model or a different model completely. This way, they can reap the benefits Chrysler Capital offers repeat lease customers. However, if you decide that leasing isn’t quite right for you, you can return the lease and finance a different one of your choosing. Your last available option to consider is if you aren’t ready to give up your current lease just yet. If this is the case, you can buy out the remaining balance of your lease by either obtaining an auto loan or paying the remaining balance upfront. Chrysler Capital recommends that you begin to consider this decision roughly three months before the end of your lease, giving yourself plenty of time to research your options and plan your next move.


Lease a new Jeep in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Here at Arrigo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Sawgrass, we have more than 400 Jeeps in stock and ready for you to take home. Come see us in-store to talk about your leasing options with a knowledgeable sales professional, and take a new Jeep for a test drive. Or, you can start your search for your new Jeep right now by clicking the New Inventory link above. However you choose to shop, we look forward to serving you!