How to Maintain Your Car’s Resale Value Ft Lauderdale FL

How to Maintain Your Car's Resale Value

How to Maintain Your Car’s Resale Value

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No matter what kind of car you drive, we all want to make sure it stays in great working condition for as long as possible. Not only will this extend your vehicle’s lifetime so that you can continue to enjoy it, but it will also maintain its resale value. When you’re ready to move on to your next vehicle, it’s important to resell your used car so that you can et the most out of its value. The better you maintain your car, the more money you could potentially get for it down the line! Here at Arrigo CDJR Sawgrass, we’re always looking to expand our ever-growing inventory of pre-owned vehicles, and we’re happy to appraise used vehicles of all makes and models. Continued down below, we’ll describe a few simple but effective ways to maintain your car’s resale value to get a great deal on your trade-in, while also keeping it in great condition. Keep reading to find out!

Keep Your Mileage Low

One of the details that many car buyers will look for in a pre-owned vehicle is its mileage. Typically, cars with lower mileage are widely considered to be in better condition than those with higher mileage, and will often fetch a better price. But what is actually considered “high”? There are a few common ways of calculating this. One is to factor in about 15,000 miles per year of use as the “average” and anything less will be considered better than average. Another way to calculate it is to multiply the vehicle’s age by 12,000. In any case, if you know you’re looking to resell your vehicle, it’s a good idea to try to keep your mileage as low as possible. You can do this by carpooling or taking public transportation when possible, or by combining your errands into a single trip rather than driving back and forth. Obviously, it’s hard to control exactly how many miles you drive, but keeping it at a minimum may help your resale value down the line!

Be a Careful Driver

Many certified pre-owned vehicles that are being resold by a dealership will offer a CARFAX vehicle history report. This will show potential buyers about previous work done on the car, as well as any potential indications of damage. If you’re planning on reselling your car in the future, having a clean vehicle history will increase your chances of getting a great value. Naturally, it’s impossible to avoid any chance of an accident. However, certain things are within your power to help protect your car from damage. First off, be sure to practice careful driving. If you’re in the habit of careful driving practices, your chances of an accident will be lower. Stay within the speed limit, avoid distracted driving, and follow all street signs. Another way to help protect your car is by taking care while parking. You’d be surprised how much damage can occur from scraping up against a curb while attempting to park, and this is a fully manageable way to keep your car in better shape!

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Along with taking care of the outside of your vehicle, the inside of your vehicle can be just as important in maintaining the resale value! One thing many buyers will look for is a smoke-free car, so make sure that you and your passengers keep your car’s interior free of smoke. You can even invest in an air purifier to keep the air in your car extra fresh! Regularly cleaning your car will keep you in the habit of taking care of it, to avoid larger spills or staining that could lower the resale value. In fact, you could even go the extra mile to keep food and drink out of your car altogether. If spills do happen, keeping some wipes or a spray cleaner on hand will help you quickly clean off the surfaces of your car to avoid any long-term stains or odors. The goal is to keep your car looking and feeling brand new, so that you’ll get a higher resale value later on!

Keep Up with Routine Maintenance

The best way to keep your car running in its best possible condition is to keep up with all your necessary routine maintenance. Don’t wait until your yearly inspection to stumble upon potential issues! You can take your car in for regular tune-ups where your mechanic will check for any signs of wear and tear, and offer suggestions on how to upkeep your vehicle. You can also stay on top of the simple things like oil changes, tire rotations, wheel alignments, and changing out your brake pads. These services will protect your car from working overtime just to perform on your daily drives. Also, make sure to change out your tires when they become worn out, so that you can protect your wheels. This goes hand in hand with keeping your tires at the correct pressure, so that the rims of your wheels don’t get damaged.

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If you’re looking for more advice on how to maintain your car’s resale value, get in touch with our service center here at Arrigo CDJR Sawgrass! We can fill you in on how best to care for your car, and will also help with maintenance and repairs like those listed above. If you’re in need of any new parts or accessories, including special cleaning products for various car materials, we can help you order them! Or, if you’re ready to trade-in your vehicle, get a secure estimate for its value here on our website. We’ll appraise your vehicle, and give you a check for its value all in the same day. Shop online, or come visit us at our dealership here in Tamarac, Florida today! We look forward to working with you soon!

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